What can happen to Truck Curtains?

Vandalism & Misadventure

Worn Curtain Rollers . . .

Truck curtains have many ways of being damaged. People vandalise or slash side curtains to see what’s inside. Is there anything worth stealing?

beautiful custom truck curtain replacement or repair

Ripped or Torn Curtains

Truckies side-swipe poles or building poles getting into small spaces. Low hanging branches, broken fences and anything you might pass on the road can tear a PVC truck curtain.

If the curtain rollers are damaged or worn out, this can add extra pressure to the curtain when pulling it tight. That’s when a PVC truck curtain tears from the top.

custom made truck curtains

The boys working hard on a Friday 🙂

If a truck curtain is ripped, we heat weld the curtain back together then patch over the top with PVC 900 GSM patches (same material as the curtain itself). The repair will be stronger than the original curtain.


PVC patches are coloured matched to the truck curtain (except those painted or digitally printed curtains). If the latter is the case, we will go to nearest colour.

Repairs are done on the inside of the curtain as this is neater and more discrete.