Truck curtain Repairs. All things PVC

You’re a busy person — don’t let tautliner curtain problems get in your way. There are a wide variety of problems that can occur with your vehicle, and IFix Truck Curtains has the proper equipment and experience to locate, repair and/or replace the issue quickly and effectively. Call us to take care of your truck curtain needs today.

We can do All PVC tippers and roll over tarp repairs. Our repairs are as discrete as possible and are colour matched to the colour of your tarp or your truck curtains.

New Gates/Gate repairs

We can supply all custom made gates steel or aluminium. Contact us today for a quote.

We also offer gate repairs aluminium or steel.

New curtains/ tarps

IFix Truck Curtains not only can repair curtains we also offer new Tautliner and roller over curtains. We know better than anyone if the truck isn’t moving its not making money. We pride ourselves on fast and reliable services. Contact us today for more information.

Roller Changes

Roll On

IFix Truck Curtains has the experience to help keep your rollers running smoothly. We offer the highest quality parts and will treat your truck curtains as if it were our own. Roll off the lot with your vehicle feeling brand new. You’ll be amazed by the difference a roller change can make. NO MORE SHOULDER PAIN! KEEP YOUR DRIVERS HAPPY!

Fleet Maintenance

The Classic

Fleet Maintenance is a crucial aspect to any transportation business. If your curtains aren’t up scratch this can cause you to spend thousands of unnecessary dollars and will shorten the life of your truck curtains. Want to get your curtains in tip-top shape? call IFix Truck Curtains and ask us about our fleet maintence offers.

Parts/spare parts

IFix Truck Curtains has the experience to help keep your vehicle running smoothly. We offer the highest quality parts. All styles of Rollers

Bottom straps
Internal Straps
gate straps and rollers
Pelmet Rubber